Willa Wellness Doula

Providing birth and postnatal doula services in Phillip Island, Bass Coast and surrounds

All sessions provided in your home


What a Doula visit can look like.

“The baby was up all night”

I come in the morning to take care of baby and prepare (or bring) breakfast or some food for the day while you have a sleep in. I’m here to help you feel ready for the day.

Have a rest, shower, breakfast and a chat and feel like a human again. 

“The witching hour”

I come with dinner, for those overwhelming afternoon hours when everyone is hungry and baby just wants to be cuddled or fed.

I can care for baby while you have a rest or if you have an older child as well maybe you want to have some one on one time with them.

If bub wants you trapped on the couch to feed we can have a tea and a chat. When I leave you’re all hopefully more relaxed, and dinner is ready! 


I have a few different babywraps and carriers I’m happy to show you how to use if you want to try babywearing

Flexible pricing options

For peace and calm

Everyone’s needs are different, so packages can always be tailored to your family’s requirements.

If you’d like some guidance, or to gift doula services to a loved one, there are a number of prepackaged options

Prenatal Support

We’ll chat through your expectations, hesitations, fears and hopes. We’ll go over birthing choices and work out a birth plan. The goal is for you to feel prepared, confident and connected to your baby.

$150 includes two sessions,
approximately 90 mins each.

Birth Support

You are in power of your birth! As your doula I offer reassurance and encouragement along the way. I’ll know your preferences and wishes and will work with you towards them.
I can support you at home and/or at the hospital.

$950 includes two prenatal sessions, birth attendance and two postnatal visits. 

Postnatal Support

I’ll bring some nourishing food and we’ll debrief your birth, I’ll listen to your worries and celebrate your wins. I can care for your baby while you have a rest, a shower or just want two hands for a bit. If you have any concerns I can refer you to resources and help you connect with the right professionals. I’ll support your physical and emotional capacity so you can have a more blissful baby bubble.

The perfect gift to yourself or a friend.
$300 includes three postnatal visits.
$580 includes six postnatal visits.
Approximately 2h each.

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